Financial Help to Be Provided To New Canadians!

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants every year. As far as the statistics from Citizenship and Immigration Canada is concerned, year 2008 saw the immigration of 250,000 applicants, which included 87,000 who chose Toronto as their immigration destination whereas 37,500 immigrated to the beautiful place Vancouver.

Canada has always welcomed people from all over the world with open hands. In addition, the country never leaves any stone unturned when it comes to providing assistance to these new comers and helping them settle down in life.

In another attempt to provide assistance to new Canadians, the federal government has come out with plenty of programs to offer assistance on vital aspects of life in the country. For instance, knowledge regarding aspects of banking and economic factors is provided by the Immigrant Settlement and Adaption program. It also provides valuable information on employment and education related queries which the new Canadians suffer on a regular basis.

In another instance, all the loan related queries are solved by the Immigration Loans Programs. Other documents linked with medical examination and travel related costs and papers required for the same are guided by the same body.

In addition, new comers would be granted financial help from the banks in Canada. For instance, necessary devices and products would be given to the new comers by the BMO Bank of Montreal under their newly implemented package.

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