H-1B Cap To Be Removed, Says Report!

The Congressional cap on the H1-B visas has been slammed by the corporate world in the United States. The US government has been asked to permit the markets to decide on the numbers of skilled migrants from overseas (including India) to be eligible to work in the nation.

According to a latest report called as Regaining America’s Competitive Advantage: Making Our Immigration System Work, the greatness of the nation is in its openness towards new people and innovations. Not allowing such highly educated migrants to look out for opportunities who cater to further competition amongst the firms in the US would mean weakening and reducing the competitiveness of the employers in America. The plan that would suit the best for the nation is the one which caters to innovation and freedom instead of limitations. This report has been developed by the US Chamber of Commerce, American Council on International Personnel as well as the Representative Body of the American Businesses.

As per the above report, the best plan would lead to an easy way for the US firms to sponsor highly skilled migrants for green cards. This can be done by removing the labor certification as well as the immigration quotas which are based on employment where in an applicant has to be in queue for about six to twenty years.

At the same time, catering green cards to those who have graduated from institutions in the United States would also cater to retaining innovators by the employers in the US. All in all, it would be strengthening for the nation itself to keep the doors open for these highly skilled migrants. Freedom and not restriction has to be the choice.

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