Denmark – Minister visits abattoirs!

Birthe Rønn Hornbech, who is the minister of Immigration, Refugee and Integration Affairs of Denmark, recently had a talk with the workers belonging to a diverse class of ethnic groups during her visit to Danish Crown’s slaughter-house located in Blans. She marked her visit on 17th September 2010.

She went on to say that that her recent visit has strengthen her belief that the presence of diversity plays a critical role in adding dynamism to any given work place. The less the religion is seen as a big issue, the least would be the overall problem.

Here is what the workers have to say on this aspect. According to Anandakumar Paramanandar, who is a Sri Lankan, everyone talks with everyone, no matter from where people come from. Nationality is not an issue at all. Everyone is taken at their face-value and talks are held between everyone. Therefore, the language of Denmark and integration fall in place with each other and everyone.

The slaughterhouse visited by the Minister is decked with 36.5% of the non-ethnic Danes out of the total 941 employees. This tour is a part of the visiting those Danish firms which are attired with a majority of diversification in their working environment.

She also held chat with other representatives and gathered information on their experience of hiring non-ethnic Danes. The motto behind this visit is to know the importance of resourceful non-ethnic Danes working in various workplaces and the benefit of international mix of people in the companies.

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