Duties of a Mathematician/Statistician/Actuary in Quebec!

The job of a mathematician/statistician/actuary is in great demand in the Canadian province of Quebec. Even though the occupation is not regulated in the province, intended individuals must acquire the recognition of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries to be able to practice their profession in Quebec.

Below are a few basic duties that a mathematician/statistician/actuary is entitled to in the Canadian province:

A mathematician is responsible for;

  • Conducting research on various theories, be it mathematical or statistical
  • Development of mathematical/statistical techniques. These are the techniques which come handy in various fields like different sciences, engineering and business.
  • An actuary applies mathematics/statistics/probability/ risk theories to determine potential financial impacts of future events.

Quebec offers many job opportunities for mathematicians/statisticians/actuaries. Most commonly they are offered jobs by educational institutions, banks, insurance companies, trust companies, pension benefit consulting firms, professional associations and science and engineering consulting firms. There are also government jobs for them as well.

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