Detainee Gave Birth in Detention!

Canada: Tamil Migrants are held up at various detention centers in Canada. Some are protesting while some are on hunger strike. Amidst all this, a Tamil woman has given birth to a baby girl in a local Vancouver-area hospital.

She was one of those Tamil people who arrived in migrant ships (in this case, MV Sun Sea) earlier this year. She is still kept in the custody of immigration officials; the same has been confirmed by the CBC News.

As the child is born in Canada, he has acquired the status of being a Canadian. Also, her husband too was present on board on the same ship that landed in the country. Reports say that she was due for a hearing process a day before her due date, but now the same has been postponed. There are three other pregnant women who were present on the same migrant ship on which she arrived. The date of her hearing has now being postponed to September 28.

Reports say that applicants coming on that ship are looking to have refugee status. They are saying that their lives would be in danger if they will return back to their home country, which is Sri Lanka. In addition, they would be targets of ethnic discrimination as well.

A majority of them are in detention while their identities are being established by the federal immigration authorities.

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