Alberta Come Out with Workplace Safety Website!

Alberta: A new workplace safety website has been launched by Alberta, to which Employment and Immigration Minister Thomas Lukaszuk says that it is one of its kinds in the whole country.

Critics have altogether different thing to say for this website. According to them, it won’t go very far. Hugh Macdonald who is a Liberal critic, stated that almost every information on the website is already available. In addition to this, the critical details are missing in the website. Macdonald is of the view that the province should come out with information on firms that have written orders filed against these firms from the provincial inspectors.

Other critics are of the view that the province should enhance the number of surprise inspections and those found guilty should be fined at that moment only.

The minister stated that applicants who are intending to choose another career option or are planning to move to another employer are suggested to look up to that employer first and make mind whether they really want to work with that employer and engage themselves in new employment or not.

The database can be searched on the basis of how many lost-time claims are filed and hence the applicant can make comparison by seeing the number of other firms working in the same industry.

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