New Immigration Rules Target Marriage Scam!

Canada: Sham marriages for the purpose of getting fake immigration in the country of getting a PR are common in a nation like Canada. People engage themselves with Canadian nationals and once they are married, they no longer see the faces of these nationals ever in their lives. Once the PR card comes, the process of ditching the spouses start! The aspect is spreading its wings all over the nation, which has become a facet of serious concern these days.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently confirmed that amendments in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations would be implemented next month, hence curbing down the cases of sham marriages in a major way.

Some times, fake marriages take place too. Also known as “marriage of convenience,” these marriages are done from the mutual consent of both the partners. The couple show fake love in front of the Immigration authorities and once the PR arrives; they don’t even see the faces of each other in future. Cash is exchanged in these cases, in return to offering PR status to the overseas applicant who marries a Canadian Resident.

The rules would make life of the fake Immigration and Marriage consultants difficult as they will target them for luring the applicants to go for sham marriages rather than actual legal process to quality for one given Immigration process.

According to the new rules, if sham marriage would be detected or the immigration officials would face a doubt that the purpose of marriage is NOT genuine, the spousal-sponsorship application may face a rejection, there and then!

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