Detainees in Darwin Hospitalized!

Australia: Darwin Detention Centre (Northern Immigration Detention Centre) is witnessing a hunger striker and it has been a week now. Saturday saw the very first detainee who was taken to the hospital, courtesy his sensitive medical condition. Not much hours have passed by and now the second detainee is on the way to hospital, seeing the critical condition.

If reports are to believed it has not yet been confirmed whether the second detainee was a part of the hunger strike or not. In addition, it is yet to be cleared as to what were the reasons behind their admission in the hospital. Originally 41 people were a part of the hunger strike. 10 Iraqis out of them changed their mind and dropped out from the strike, leaving just 31 detainees

The reasons for the group going in strike have not been speculated till now, confirms the Immigration Department. The department has told the group to end this episode as soon as possible.

An Immigration spokesperson has confirmed to this fact that the protest is done in a peaceful manner and the strike has been taken as a voluntary starvation. The person affirmed that the group has been constantly taken care off by the staff members and they have been provided with the availability of food and water every single time.

Advocates from refugee side have made accusations on the department for keeping too much information.  The government needs to do something as far as the incidents in the detention centre are concerned.

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