Mexico raising its voice against the New Arizona law!

Mexico has decided to fight a legal battle against the Arizona law of immigration in US. The Mexican government says that the law passed is against the laws of constitution and this would affect the relations of Arizona with other states of the country. The law has provoked quite a controversy and opponents of the law are protesting to express their anger and disgust.

The law will be implemented from July 29 onwards – according to the law, residing in Arizona as an illegal immigrant is a crime which means deportation from the country and other severe punishment. It also gives the legal authority to police to question anyone whom they suspect can be an illegal immigrant. So, it becomes very important for Americans to always carry their citizenship papers wherever they go. But this will create a problem for those citizens who do not look like Americans and can be questioned on the basis of their looks by police.

This measure by Mexico is receiving its support from various organizations such as Civil Rights Organizations including Mexican American, Legal defense and Education Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Immigration Law Center. They have requested the federal government to announce that the law is not constitutional and should prevent its implementation. Mexico government is worried about its citizens living in Arizona who may come into the category of suspects owing to their native look.

But the supporters of the law in Arizona are quite large in numbers who are facing many problems caused by massive influx of illegal migrants in the state. Also, the border of Arizona is not very secure; hence, it becomes all the more urgent to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Arizona has to pass such strict law because of the failure of federal government to resolve the issue of illegal immigration. In fact, other sates are also considering joining Arizona and adopting the new policy to check the crime of illegal immigration.

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