Detainees wait Expectantly for the Smuggling Charges!

Two smugglers who were accused of causing damage for more than $400,000 during a revolt at the Immigration Centre of the Northern Territory appeared in a Darwin Court.

The two of the Indonesian men, as suspected smugglers were kept in detention without any charge for not less than 5 months under Migration Act.

Joni Balu (18 years old) and Hariyanto Bin Seneman (29 years old) are among those 120 suspected smugglers who set up fire on the mattresses and flaunted poles on the top of the Northern Immigration Detention Centre, Darwin last month.

Both the Indonesians were charged for causing damage to the commonwealth property. However it is not yet certain whether the charges will be applicable against other people involved in the riots or not.

The legal aid lawyer as well as the commonwealth prosecutor looked forward to adjourn the matter in order to ensure that the court take into account the damage offences as well as the smuggling charges, which still need to be laid against them.

As per the hearing in the court, Seneman and Balu are to be transferred to the facility of detention, Melbourne.

The matter was adjourned until October 25 by the Magistrate Tanya Fong Lim.

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