Skill Scarcity in Social Care!

Many of the councils are ceased from appointing essentially wanted foreign social workers from European Union after the implementation of the substitutive immigration cap. UK border agency is ceasing the applications from authorities which are placed locally to employ trained social workers outside from the European Union.

An average limit of 24,100 foreign skilled workers who were to enter the country before April, 2011 was dictated in July, before a permanent immigration cap.

A national scarcity of trained and skilled social workers was recognized in 2009 in Lord Laming’s examination of child protection failures. Unless the UK training initiatives employ sufficient staff to follow up the shortage of the skilled social workers, non-EU social workers are badly needed.

Its is very uncertain whether the difference can be finished from inside the EU tending to training and equipping their language skills but the authorities need to take into view point the absence of the trained workers needed before trying to make an effort to turn UK Border Agency’s arm in near future.

One of the best recruiting agencies specially designed in training the Eastern European staff revealed that they had not acquired any information form the Councils in the year 2010. They did not even survey to councils for obtaining recruitment mandates and job descriptions.

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