DIAC Visit to Western Australia to Boost Skilled Migration Programs!

DIAC will visit and conduct several seminars in Western Australia to boost skilled immigration programs. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship will conduct regional migration forums to acknowledge the local employers about available skilled immigration programs to accommodate labor demand in regional parts of Western Australia.

Regional employers in main centers across Australian western part will be educated about the available immigration routes to migrate and sponsor overseas workers throughout the next month. DIAC will organize the forums in collaboration with the Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development.

According to department official, the government pronounced this initiative as Budget part that is to increase skilled immigration and introduce many initiatives to fulfill skilled labor demand in regional parts of Australia. Employers interested to hire overseas workers will be provided with an overview of available skilled immigration options to satisfy labor shortage in remote regional part of the nation and for an array of industries. They will be acknowledged with temporary and permanent visas options available to sponsor an overseas worker.

The skilled visa programs have been boosted with an increment of 12,000 more permits this year to 125,850 places and many easy immigration policies are being applied to help employers and businesses of regional Australia to better fulfill their labor needs.

The employers will be acknowledged of programs such as 457 visa program, employer nomination scheme, regional sponsored migration scheme and current and future options of labor agreements.

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