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These days, most of the Indians are extremely interested in visiting Australia, either as a tourist, or an immigrant. Many of these applicants, unfortunately, have to go through many challenges. These usually occur due to two things.

One thing most of the Indians are not aware of are the changes or the updates in visa policies, as every year there are some changes that do take place in the visa policies. Secondly, most of the applicants either fill the application themselves or they hire a consultant. While hiring the professional they usually avoid running complete reference check on him and invite rejection of their visa application.

Like mentioned above, there is certain visa related updates that do take place. Let’s share an example of visa quota! At times, countries put the cap on the visa categories that means that the nation which is accepting applications and issuing visas, due to the new change in the policy, the country will only issue visas as per the decided number for the particular type of visa.

Let’s explain in more detail! If the visa issuing country decides that not more than 10,000 visas applications will be accepted under the Permanent Visa Programme, then the rate of rejection will be higher, as the authority will only approve only 10,000 applications.

You need to understand that before applying for the visa not only one should be complete aware of the current visa policies but also select and apply under the right visa category.

So now the question arises where a visa applicant should try and look for the most up-to-date visa information? How to receive the best possible Australia Visa Services? Can someone be trusted and approached to receive the right and the latest information regarding Australia Visa?

Well, they answer is yes as you have already reached the right destination and here we will try and share the latest details!

So here is the Visa process for Australia from India! It is important that you should be aware of it.

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

It is referred as the Subclass 600 Visa. It allows you to visit Oz for tourism or business related purpose. Tourism activities include:

Visiting Australia for enjoying vacation

Visiting Australia to meet family members or friends or to attend and family related function, like marriage.

Under the business related activities that reasons that are accepted for your visit to the nation are:

Attending a business conference,

Negotiating an ongoing deal,

Searching areas to expand business.

This visa is most suitable for those visitors who prefer to visit Down Under only on a short term basis.

Now that we have explained you about the visas, here are the crucial suggestion for you that will help you to select the right consultant.

As we all know and completely understand that need of an agent is visiting a doctor for the complete check up. But the vital question arises that how to find the right  one who is specialized in offering to provide the best advice along with his visa related assistance.

Most of us, while analyzing a consultant, use the fee an important parameter, which is kind of the wrong approach towards consultants. Fee should never be the parameter. Let’s try and share the vital factors that you should use while analyzing your visa consultant!

The Visa service Consultant for Australia should advise you on your visa application on two most important things: the most appropriate visa as per your requirements, and the current changes in the visa policy.

He must share this prior to the filling of your visa application.

The Visa service Consultant for Australia should share all the required application forms as it is a must and he hould also help you in filling those forms.

The agent should explain all the procedures that are involved in the visa process as an Indian citizen.

As you are applying for a visa as an Indian passport holder, here are few crucial things that you should be aware of:

  1. As an Indian citizen, there will be no visa exemptions and no visa-free access facilities that will be offered.
  2. You will be allowed to stay for a period of 90 days only.
  3. You should be a hold a valid Passport


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