How to Gain from Canada PNP Programmes?

The Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) are visa programmes under which the visa holder gets his nomination from Canadian provinces and territories. The provinces and territories are allowed to choose individuals and nominate those for the PNP Visa. This is especially for those interested applicants who wish to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country and wants to settle in that particular province or territory.

Each and every province (except Quebec, as Quebec uses a totally different selection system) along with the two territories, have the PNPs which are kind of unique. All the participating provinces and also the territories have signed agreements with Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada (CIC) which permits them to select migrants who meet the requirements which they had set for the immigration purpose.

All provincial and also territorial governments are using these programmes. They are using these with perfection, effectively with more efficiency. All provincial and also territorial governments are extremely excited to welcome new immigrants into their state and province and territory.

Each and every province and territory have customized their PNPs. This is to ensure that the precise needs of the provinces/territories are met by making the right selection of nominees who want to settle in their province or territory. They want to ensure that the immigrant is able to gel with the system in the province, he is able to work effectively, and above all, he is ready to make his contribution towards the community.

Since 2015, it was reported that most of the PNPs enclosed at least one immigration stream and that stream was aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system. This is also referred as the ‘enhanced’ nominations.

So, if you are interested in applying for a Canadian Permanent Residency Card through the PNP, you are on right track.

The Canadian Government, along with the provincial and territorial governments, has worked on certain skilled immigration agreements that are in reference to the specific needs of employers and also in reference to the capital investment requirements of each province. That’s the reason that most of the provinces are running their own business immigration programmes to encourage skilled workers as immigrants to their province

At present, the PNPs exist in the following provinces and territories:

Express Entry

  1. British Columbia
  2. Manitoba
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Ontario
  5. New Brunswick
  6. Nova Scotia
  7. Newfoundland
  8. Prince Edward Island
  9. Yukon
  10. Northwest Territories

Skilled Worker (Professional)

  1. Nova Scotia
  2. Ontario
  3. Alberta
  4. British Columbia
  5. Prince Edward Island
  6. Manitoba
  7. New Brunswick
  8. Saskatchewan
  9. Newfoundland
  10. Northwest Territories
  11. Yukon

International Graduates

  1. Alberta
  2. British Columbia
  3. Manitoba
  4. Newfoundland
  5. Nova Scotia
  6. Ontario
  7. Saskatchewan

Business Immigration

  1. British Columbia
  2. Manitoba
  3. New Brunswick
  4. Northwest Territories
  5. Ontario
  6. Prince Edward Island
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Yukon

Under the PNP, the person is will receive his nomination through the provinces and territories. The province or the territories will nominate business immigrants who want to migrate to. The Provincial Nominee applications, or the so-called PNP application, are preferred over other skilled visa applicants, and this preference is given by the IRCC.

Under the PNP, there are two ways by which a person can migrate to Canada and they are:

  1. As a skilled worker with a job offer
  2. As a business entrepreneur

Some provinces and territories also have the additional variation on these categories, for example, the Newfoundland and Labrador PNP. Under this programme and under the entrepreneur category, three migrants can qualify for the same the nominee programme if they wish to partner together in a business.

Now let’s talk about Ontario. There is the Employer category that is for employers who prefer to hire skilled workers from a foreign country. There is a Multinational Investor Category, under which the companies that are planning to make major investments in Ontario their application are processed faster by fast-tracking Permanent Residence Cards for key personnel along with their work permits.

Many other provinces in the nation have certain special categories for students who are interested to gain Permanent Residence and employment after completing their studies.

Above all, you, as an applicant, may qualify for this immigration programme if your family member is residing in Canada.

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