Some Updates on Australia PR Visa for You

Are you also interested in applying for Australian PR Visa, and do you want to apply for your visa from India? If yes, then you have reached the right page and here we will try our best to share the latest information. You can be rest assured regarding the authenticity of the information as most of the information that you receive right here is most up-to-date.

So let’s begin with educating you about the PR Visa, let’s share its importance too, let’s share the information how you can apply for it from India!

Permanent Residency which is also referred as the PR Visa allows the holder to stay in a country Australia for an unlimited period of time. That means once this visa is issued to you can stay in Oz as long as you wish to stay. There is no need to request for your extension even as there will be questions regarding your overstay.

Earlier, getting the visa for Australia, especially the PR Visa, was not easy, it was regarded as extremely tough. But now you can, say, thanks to the new visa friendly policies of Australia. Getting the visa for Australia has become the lot easier not only for Indian Citizens but the citizens of other nations as well. They can apply for the Australian visa and also for PR Visa with ease.

As a visa enthusiast, you yourself have experienced the increasing trend in the number of immigrants to Down Under; most amazing the large chunk is from India. If you have not observed such trend, then read about the immigration to Australia. You can see online or read about it in the leading newspapers.

Now let’s begin with discussing the increasing trend and also let’s try and understand the trend, what exactly is causing the sudden surge in the increase of immigrants, to especially to Australia and from India? Why the majority of Indians are increasingly getting attracted to migrating to Oz. Well here are some reasons!

The very first reason so this attraction of migrating is the current condition of the nation’s economy. As we all know, the Australian economy, at present, is very progressive. When economies are progressive, then they offer ample amount of opportunities to everyone.

Now let’s talk about the second reason– the educational facilities in the country. These are not only excellent but at par with the world’s best. Yes, that is correct that Down Under offers top quality of education. Many top universities of the world are in Oz.

Now let’s talk about the third reason–the healthcare facilities. Oz has some of the finest hospitals in with world with the best doctors.

Now let’s talk about the fourth reason–the official language of Australia and that is English! As English is the global language, Indians are very much comfortable with the language.

As the immigration point of view, it becomes much easier for the applicant if he speaks the same language as spoken by the majority of people in the country.

So now let’s discuss about your chances! Here are some important points that can help you!

Your chances depend on the following things:

The Age Limits

You need to fall under the acceptable age limits. The age limit is different for different types of visa so you need to consult with immigration consultant or the Australian government website.

Language Ability

As you know the official language in Oz is English, so as an applicant you should be good with the spoken and written English. You might have to go through a certain test to check you language ability. It’s a must for PR and Education Visa. For the Tourist Visa, it is not required.

Health Records

It is very vital. You cannot get the visa if you are diagnosed with any medical condition that is life-threatening. Which country will like to invite people with the life-threatening disease?

Criminal Records

It is very important. If there are any charges imposed on you that are criminal in nature, then you application will not be accepted and the rate of its rejection is very high.

Apart for this you should

  1. Possess a recognized skill;
  2. Should have qualifications for that skill; and
  3. Should be able to show and prove your relevant work experience.


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