Do Canadians Require B1 Permits to Gain Entry into US?

At certain times, a common question some US Immigration-inspired Canadians are greeted with is: which kind of visa a person–who is traveling to the said nation (US), for work purposes—needs. Does he require a B1 Business Visitor Permit, or does he require a US Work Permit, for the said purpose? The reply to this question may not be somewhat easy for the candidate—the reason being it’s not very apparent what exactly a person may really do with B1 Business Permit.

The B1 Permits are usually not made available to the nationals of Canada, as they don’t need a permit whatsoever to gain admission into the territorial jurisdictions of the US, for visiting objects. Still, it does not mean or suggest that that the nationals of Canada can’t gain entry into the US with the B1 Permits.

However, to guard against any further perplexity on the issue, let’s find out what at B1 Permit enables the visitors to do.

What a B1 Permit allows you to do?

This permit lets you to do several things, and enjoy many facilities inside the US, such as: 1. Take part in important business meetings; 2. Purchase properties across the US; 3. Thrash-out useful and gainful contracts or deals; 4. Get together with key acquaintances/associates; and 5. Make visits for business conference & convention purposes.

In case you happen to enjoy the citizenship of Canada, the number of activities you may do–thanks to a B1 Business Permit–becomes even bigger. For instance, you may undertake certain activities involving research & planning, growth & production/manufacturing, advertising/promotion/marketing, sales, delivery/circulation/distribution, besides post-sales services.

What are the B1 permit requirements for the nationals of Canada?

In case you wish to submit a petition, for a B1 Business Visitor Permit, you will be required to carry along supporting papers, which establish these:

1. That you will be a part of legal and administration-acceptable B1 Business Permit developments. It may be duly established with a note from your firm/recruiter which mentions the movements with which you will be associated with while you are inside the US.

2. That you will strictly desist from overstaying the prescribed and legally permitted time-period of your permit, as appropriately substantiated by evidence of robust associations with Canada, in the way of family, job, assets or property.

3. That you have a clean and healthy background and are not otherwise prohibited from entering the US, in view of any criminal backgrounds or medical factors.

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