How to Immigrate to Singapore

Singapore is much more than just being famous as the great sanctuary for those who enjoy shopping and the couples who get here a romantic atmosphere to make their visit enjoyable. The country is best known for having a highly progressive economy and encourages immigrants from across the world. Singapore is also known for having several skyscrapers that support the fact that it has got a notable progress in infrastructure and architecture.

Singapore welcomes a large number of overseas immigrants every year and provides all the promised facilities and supports for their extensive growth. The immigrants easily find their dream job in this graceful island country and thus find a better quality of lifestyle. As far as Indians are concerned, Singapore has always been remained the first choice for a majority of Indians.

People who are planning to immigrate to Singaporeneed to explore relevant information regarding the procedure and eligibility criteria. If we talk about Singapore’s immigration policy, it is not so complex and having minimum eligibility criteria. To welcome overseas immigrants, Singapore offers lots of programs such as PTS (Professional, Technical and Skilled Worker scheme), LPR (Landed Permanent Resident) program, Entrepreneurs program and more.

Applying under PTS has been classified into two categories include migrating to the country on the basis of Employment Permits (EP) and filing for a permanent resident. Talking about the EP is only meant to be granted to those of skilled professionals, managers, owners and directors of Singaporean company and personal.

Moreover, entrepreneur permit was introduced in the year of 2004 aiming to encourage overseas immigrants and bring foreign investment in the country. A foreign national who intended to set up a company or other business activity can migrate to the country under this program. Of course the applicants need to fulfill certain requirements that include business record, clear purpose, required investment amount, personal net worth and more.

Apart from that, applying under a permanent residence is other most important way to enter the country. The entire process can be started in six months to three years certainly depends on your kind of permit. Your application for permanent resident is evaluated by considering several factors that include work profile, character background, financial background and more.

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