Do You Need a Form I-94 for Visiting USA?

Do You Need a Form I-94 for Visiting USA?

Certain foreign nationals visiting the USA temporarily, will have a Form I-94 attached to their passports by a Customs and Border Protection Officer. This requirement does not apply to U.S. citizens or are made citizens as per US citizenship immigration or permanent residents, U.S. immigrant visa holders, and most Canadian citizens in transit or visiting the USA.

The departure date of the visitor is mentioned on Form I-94. The visitor must leave the USA on or before this date. When exiting the USA, the visitor must surrender their Form I-94 to the Customs and Border Protection Officer or the commercial carrier. For some visitors, Form I-94 proves very crucial.

For instance, those entering the USA through a land border port of entry are still required to use an I-94 Form. By getting their I-94 number, these visitors can access their I-94 admission record to seek various information for verifying their immigration status, employment authorization, their record number, etc.

However, those entering the USA by air or sea are no longer required to fill out the Form I-94 at Customs and Border Protection. Instead, the arrival/departure information of such visitors is now collected through election travel records. For guidance on the visa requirements and processing of USA Visa, contact the trained visitor visa consultants at Abhinav Immigration Services.

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