Do You Yearn for Job Based PR Visa in Australia?

Job Based PR Visa in Australia

The Kangaroo Land, Australia, has always attracted the migrants from across the globe the most. They look upon the nation with high hopes, and needless to say, Down Under meets the expectations of almost every wishful migrant. It welcomes them with open arms wide irrespective of their reason of migration. So, it is hardly a matter of surprise that Oz meets everyone’s expectations with wonderful scores.

Job Based PR Visa in Australia
Job Based PR Visa in Australia

The Australian beaches and shores entice the visitors from across the world even while youngsters find it a great destination for the higher studies. For those not tuned in, the overseas hotspot boasts of some of the most reputed educational centres and universities in the world.

Since Oz also houses the head and regional offices of numerous Multi National Companies (MNCs), it also has a large number of rewarding job opportunities for the deserving skilled people. It lays red carpet for such people and invites them to their land with a nomination. This nomination is sent to them from the territory or state government, via the job based PR Visa in Australia.

Obtaining a visa along with a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) of Down Under offers world-class facilities to the migrants. It provides them with ample growth opportunities. For grabbing jobs in the Kangaroo Land, their credentials are duly tested on certain specific parameters. An occupation list is made to clearly define the points allotted to all the occupations. Migrants–skilled in top skills as mentioned in the list–grab more points.

The Australian Visa Programme is based upon the point based system. The aspiring migrants seize points on their age, work experience, education, language skills, and their ability to adjust in the nation.

Requirements of Job Based PR Visa in Australia

  1. Language proficiency–English is an international language and it works well for the migrants seeking immigration to the mammoth Island Nation. He is required to attain a certain score. There are fair chances of migration for the expats with higher scores. It is expected that a migrant–who do not possess any background in this language—will sign up for English classes in Down Under before entering the nation.
  2. Work experience and skills–No wonder, skills play a very crucial role in the migration process. If you are skilled in some specific area in demand in the Kangaroo Land, then your chances of making the cut and migration to the destination are quite high. Your skills and work experience will help you in getting more points and stealing a march over others. More points will increase the pace of the migration process and help you move to the immigration destination of your dreams inside a short period of time.
  3. Age—Young aspirants grab more points under this system. The score card shoots up for the wishful migrants who are younger, vis-à-vis other candidates. Now the million dollar question is: are you young and restless and ready to take the bull by its horns?
  4. Health–Canberra asks for certain specific health requirements. Migrant needs to meet that standard, while planning immigration to the nation. For obtaining health certificate, the aspirants may contact the Australian embassy, or ask for a list of the government approved doctors.
  5. Character certificate–No criminals are allowed entry into the nation, rightfully so. The candidates–who wish to seize the nation’s PR–need to have a pretty clean background and obtain a character certificate from the concerned authorities.
  6. Australian values statements–A person needs to sign this statement. This means that the migrant is ready to accept the local rules and adapt to the unique Australian way of life.

Those who have seized job based PR Visa in Australia need to apply for the Employer Sponsored Migration which is usually applied by the employer on his behalf.

Now since you know every required detail related to a job based PR Visa in Australia, what are you really waiting for? Your dream destination beckons you!

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