Dream Act Fails, Upsets Campaigners!

The failure of the Dream Act which was the only section in the legislation regarding immigration where the Congress was to vote has disturbed the unionists who had lobbied for the particular cause. Lacking enough votes by the Senate led to the failure of the planned talk about by the Republicans. This was even being debated against a bill worth $726 billion which catered to operations conducted by the armed forces for the year.

The Republicans did not permit Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader who wanted the Dream Act to feature into the military bill. For the bill to be passed, the GOP required forty one votes to stop the bill. However, it got forty three where as Reid got fifty six.

With the Dream Act in place, those children born to illegal migrants or the undocumented youth who were brought to the United States as children even before they went to high school could obtain a green card status. This could be done if these children either attended college or served a term of two years in the US military.

The failure of the Dream Act that much more needs to be done when it comes to resolve the issue of illegal immigration which has now become a major debate in the United States. More so, it seems as if it is being used for political advantage by the law makers of the nation. It is agreed that crossing the borders unlawfully is a crime. However, the innocent children involved could have had a better life if this act would have been passed.

When it comes to such children, the only home that they know is the United States. Most of them might not even be having relatives in their native countries. The Dream Act would have been one important solution to the issue of illegal migration. With the act being shelved, it would not be wrong to say that it is back to where it started.

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