Duties of a Retail and Wholesale Buyer in Quebec!

The retail and wholesale buyer is in demand in the Canadian province of Quebec. If you are looking forward to immigrate to the province to pursue the occupation, you are recommended to have a little knowledge about the duties attached to the occupation. Let’s have a look at some of them:

A retail and wholesale buyer is required to perform the following:

  • Buy merchandise which will be resold to retail/wholesale enterprises.
  • Determine and examine the quality of goods and merchandise to be purchased.
  • Examine various details, such as
    • Market reports
    • Periodicals
    • Promotion materials pertaining to sales
    • Various visits showrooms, trade shows, and factories
  • Determine the merchandise according to the requirements of the enterprises
  • Deal with suppliers in order to negotiate and decide various details like prices, other price related terms.
  • Supervise the distribution of merchandise which goes to different showrooms
  • Maintain sufficient inventory
  • Maintain contacts with suppliers
  • Oversee the work of retail buyers engaged

Quebec had an approximate number of 4,500 professionals employed in the occupation of retail and wholesale buyer in the year 2008, out of which 51 percent were women.  In the year 2008, 92 percent of retail and wholesale buyers were employed in full-time occupations. As per 2005 data, the average gross annual income of a full-time retail and wholesale buyer was 47,000 Dollars.

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