30 k Indians Would Be Benefited Courtesy the UAE Amnesty Scheme

An amnesty scheme (UAE Amnesty Scheme) has been announced by the United Arab Emirates. Sources have confirmed that it will go on to benefit thousands and thousands of Indians who are waiting in limbo but are caught in various cases regarding the violation of different laws linked with the immigration industry.

These people have been advised to fill all the necessary documents and get over with the necessary procedure by reporting to Department for Foreigners Affairs. The same has been confirmed by the country’s Interior Ministry. People covered under the scheme would be the ones who came on Haji, Umrah or other person, but faced visa expiration or went on to violate the regulations of visa/immigration.

It has been said that a close to thirty thousand Indians would gain benefit out of this scheme. The move is thoroughly supported by the Indian government as well.

According to Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi, the scheme was announced by UAE and would serve as a huge benefit for Indians living in the country and who are facing problems with the immigration laws. Also, this scheme will allow bringing back all those Indians who are in limbo and living in the country within a span of six months.

The minister is in all the favors of this scheme. Welcoming this scheme, Ravi said that this scheme would be a huge assistance for all the Indians who have violated the rule of overstaying in the country or have been employed there in an illegal manner.

He went on to say that thousands of benefit would be able to come back to their home country. Moreover, a spokes person from the Indian Affairs Ministry confirmed that people in the country who are slapped with financial penalties as well as the ones who are facing possible detention for the crime of violating regulations linked with immigration would be benefited from the same.

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