7 Filipinos Arrested in UK Immigration Crackdown!

Seven Filipino women have been arrested by the UK Border Agency on charges of violation of immigration laws. These women would be deported. This arrest is a part of a major operation of crackdown of illegal migrants. These include those working illegally, involved in fake marriages or bogus colleges and in any form of organized crime pertaining to immigration. This has been informed by the UK embassy in Manila, Philippines.

The above women were caught with three men who were Chinese nationals as well as a Chinese woman. They were found in three different addresses in northwest part of London. These people have been taken into custody and would be subject to deportation soon. As per the officials, the landlord of the place where these immigrants were found would now be subject to investigation by Council Planning and Health and Safety authorities.

The Regional Manager in Philippines of the UK Border Agency, Ed Mackie requested his fellow nationals to not break the immigration laws in UK. He also warned more such operations would be planned and conducted in the near future throughout UK. He also mentioned that UK welcomes legal visitors from Philippines. At the same time, they are also devoted to fighting the abuse of the concept which has been clearly demonstrated by the recent arrests and deportations. More so, he advised to check through the immigration rules of the nation at the UK Home Office website.

Prior to this raid, six other Filipinos were also arrested along with two Ghanians and a Malawian national. These people were found at a care home in Poulner at Ringwood. These people were then removed from the nation.

In addition to the above, 85 Filipinos were also deported on charges of various immigration offenses. As per the UK embassy, these arrests were made by immigration officers who were trained. They conducted such operations at various businesses and other private addresses and were acting based on the intelligence obtained from various sources including the public.

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