Immigration Issues in Sweden!

An election breakthrough in Sweden has in a way shattered the self-image of the nation. The country was always known to be a bastion of tolerance. But somehow, when it came to immigration, the backlash was seen here for something happening in a different part of Europe.

The ballot portrayed refugees were not accepted throughout in the nation. About six percent of the population voted for the nationalist group. This group is known to accuse migrants (specifically Muslims) for disturbing the national identity of Sweden as well as it being a welfare state for which it is cherished throughout.

These hostile attitudes of its people towards immigrants have definitely acted as an advantage for the far-right radicals. This includes other nations in the Western Europe such as Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and Netherlands. More so, similar attempts have been made in France where in crackdown on Gypsy camps; invective against the Muslim migrants in Denmark and the banning of minarets in Swiss.

Not to forget that the United States, which has seen quite a backlash towards illegal migration. This could be seen in the form of the recently introduced immigration law in Arizona which gives permits the police to check the immigration status of immigrants.

On the other hand, Sweden has always dealt with the issue of migration very delicately. This came about when there was a sudden rise and fall of a right wing populist party which had come about in 1990s. However, when a criterion for Swedish citizenship was brought about which was to posses certain Swedish skills, it would have been quite uncontroversial in any other nation. Although, in Sweden it was considered as being providing for xenophobes.

Above all, a new debate seems to emerge in Sweden which has not exactly been on the forefront when it comes to debate pertaining to immigration. So, there is definitely more in store.

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