9 Chinese Nationals Protest at Sydney Detention Center!

More protests have emerged regarding immigration in Australia. Previously, it was the asylum seekers at the detention centers. Now, 9 Chinese nationals started protesting on the Australian immigration centre roof. This was then followed by a tense stand-off along with a group of Tamils. Also, there was a suicidal attempt by one of the detainees.

The Chinese people involve four women of whom one is pregnant and five men. As per the activities, these people had climbed on to the roof of the Villawood Dentention Centre 12 hours after the Tamil protestors were brought down. However, these detainees are not illegal maritime arrivals.

According to the activists, these protestors belonged to the age group of 20 to 27 years. They had come to Australia either on a student or a tourist visa and are now asylum seekers. As per Jamal Daoud from the Social Justice Network, these detainees have been held for a period ranging from two weeks to six months. It has been demanded for the immediate release of these people and for their cases to be assessed. Daoud is actively campaigning against the mandatory detention law for the asylum seekers which is being brought out by the Australian government.

As of now, efforts are being made to get in touch with the support network. However, this is even more tedious with their limited skills in English. As per the immigration spokesman, the police have been called for precaution while the negotiations were going on.

These protests have come about after the death of Fijian man. He died in unknown circumstances hours before he was to be deported. Above all, with the constant increase in the number of asylum seekers, it is obvious that there would be backlogs with many cases pending which might take from months to years to be cleared. Thus, a suitable measure has to be brought about.

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