More Tamil Migrants Released!

Canada: The issue of Tamil migrants stuck in Canada and in various detention centers all over the world has become one of the hottest topics of discussions in the world of immigration these days.

Recent reports say that three Tamil migrants were ordered release from their detention centers in this week. The men in concerned were ordered release from the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre.

The official release stated that the order was granted on the grounds of establishing identity. The release said that cash bonds would be posted on two out of three men in concern. It would be of $5,000 and one of $1,500.

In totality, 12 orders of release from detention are due in the coming times. Seven of them are men and five are women. Reports say that the Federal government repeatedly asks the court to flip over a majority of the orders of release. Statistics have said that till now, five applicants who were ordered released are now out of detention.

It was in the month of August, when Thai cargo ship MV Sun Sea arrived with Tamil migrants landed on the shored of British Columbia. A pregnant woman who had three kids was amongst the first persons to be released after the arrival of the ship.

The issue of detention is becoming one of the most critical topics of concern for the government of various countries.

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