Violence is Real Problem, Not Immigrants!

Mexico: According to Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, the real problem with Mexico is not with the amount of illegal immigrants residing in the country but the huge amount of weapons which are being brought in the nation through vast shipments.

She went on to say that a huge amount of these weapons come to Mexico from the United States. She also mentioned about the kind of efforts made in the direction to stop the increase of weapons in the country.

She gave the references to some of the statistics, saying that since the year 2006; more than eighty five thousands weapons have been seized by the Mexican government officials. The same was confirmed to CNN.

The difficult part lies in the fact that these are not one of those regular weapons but huge weapons that hold the power to take lives of millions and millions of people. Some of the weapons include machine guns, grenades as well as other high-power arms.

Experts believe that linking the presence of the intake of weapons in the country should not be related with the aspect of high crime in the country or the aspect of illegal immigration. Strong evidence should be provided in order to support the aspects.

Espinosa too is of the view that linking violence should not be linked with the facet of illegal immigration. Also, there is no proof as to why high crime rates should be connected with illegal immigration.

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