Mentally Ill Russian Cage Fighter Imprisoned in Norway!

A Russian martial arts cage fighter was apprehended in Norway nearly a month after when he broke away from a mental hospital in St. Petersburg.

The cage fighter, Vyacheslav Datsik, got arrested when he administered for the official psychiatric hospital by the Police Immigration Unit at Oslo. A loaded revolver was also handed over to the officer by the huge, powerful and bulky Russian cage fighter.

As the member of the neo-Nazi party which was outlawed in Russia this march, Norway, Datsik was involved in political activities as well. One of the online video also revealed that the Russian cage fighter reached the country onboard as weapon trafficking vessel. The video also revealed Datsik standing against an ‘Oslo SS’ baaner with a gun and an axe in his hands.

Datsik in one of the online edition of a newspaper also mentioned the he is a not a nationalist but a racist. His case was later on handed over to Norway’s Crime Department.

The Russian cage fighter along with two other neo-Nazis was accused of violating the Firearms Act. Moreover, an apprehension of weapons was made in order to make this particular case a high priority one.

After being disqualified for being too violent with the opponents in the ring and loosing six martial arts fights between December 2001 and February 2003, Datsik got retired.

He was accused many times for assaults, murders, threats and even thefts fron 1996 to 2001 but all the claims were dropped off.

After a good number of thefts in mobile phone stores, Datsik was arrested in the year 2007. However, later he was proved to be mentally ill and was excused from the criminal charges.

He was transferred to a low security ward in July after being closed in a high security psychiatric ward in the initial stages. The hospital’s chief doctor claimed that he broke a chain-link fence with his hands and ran out.

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