Former Immigration Officer Accused of Threatening an Immigrant Woman!

The civil rights of immigrant women got violated by an employee of the US citizenship and immigration services, Durham.

Xiomara Blanco, an Immigrant from El Salvador was threatened by Bedri Kulla to become his girlfriend. He later on even pleaded guilty for the same.

The case was brought forward in the Immigration Customs Enforcement in April 2009 by the Social Justice, Southern Coalition.

The court documents revealed that Blanco was contacted by Kulla by which is a social networking site in January, 2009 and he even made efforts to make her his girlfriend. Blanco started receiving threatening messages when she refused the advances made by Kulla to meet.

Kulla sent the following threatening message to the victim, Xiomara Blanco:

“Immigration contains all your information which surely does not mean that they will be coming today to send you back to your hometown. So, in order to not let this happen to you, call me.”

Kulla admitted that he forced the victim to meet online and even threatened the victim with her expulsion from the country and even compelled her to respond to her mails which coerced he to meet. He even agreed that he contacted ICE officials in order to take revenge. Kulla was arrested on the above mentioned grounds.

12 months of imprisonment is the maximum sentence for violating the civil rights which is further followed by 12 months of supervised release.

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