Effect of Tourism on Quebec Economy!

Quebec is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The year 2003 recorded the expenditure linked with tourism related activities to be C$7.3 billion. Also, 27.5 million trips were made in the Quebec.

If the statistics are distinguished, almost 76 per cent of that percentage came in the kitty of Quebecers themselves. Out of the remaining quantity, 13 per cent were Canadians who made their visit in Quebec, while 8 per cent came from the United States of America. The rest of the figures were contributed from other different countries.

As far as the facet of employment is concerned, close to 330,000 people managed to get employments as far as the sector of travel and tourism is concerned. They contributed in 34,000 businesses as a whole. The tourism aspect brought in so many visitors from all over the world, hence boosting the economy in a major way.

As far as the best tourism destinations are concerned, Quebec is regarded as one of the best tourism destinations all over the globe. More the number of tourists more would be the number of foreign currencies coming in the province. Hence, this would have a positive impact on the economy of Quebec.

A positive economy would give rise to so many aspects like employment generation, and a prospective place with more facilities.

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