Drop in Indian Students Applying for Aussie Study Visas!

The number of Indian students applying for study visas to Australia has declined rapidly. Only 29,721 visas were issued last year which is less than half the number of visas which were issued in 2008-09. The number has reduced by over 16%. These results were followed by another year which brought about changes in the legislation, global economic crisis as well as a tumult in the education sector of the nation. With this were security issues with the students which also added to the downturn.

It was observed that in 2008-09, 65,503 Indians obtained Australian student visas where in 2009-10, only 29,721 people were granted the same. In total, the number had reduced by 50,540 when it came to obtaining study visas for Australia in 2009-10.

According to a Spokeswoman for Chris Evan, the Australian Immigration Minister, the nation has still been getting huge number for student visa applications. At the same time, the government understands that it is a tough environment for the international education sector as of now. More so, the government has made amends to cater to the education quality that is offered in Australia. Also, it would be seen that the skilled migrant program better caters to the skill needs in the nation.

She also said that the education is an important export market for the country. So, it is important to concentrate on the export quality and not the mere number of students taking admission for various courses.

Here, it is important to note that educational opportunities are definitely a source for goodwill and building ties with the international community. So, the decreasing number of students is not a very good sign. It is important to implement suitable measures before this number further lowers. This is because it would be the reputation of the nation which would be jeopardized.

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