Temporary Worker Program to be Reviewed in Alberta!

The Province of Alberta in Canada is catering to a program worth $850,000 that would aid the temporary foreign workers in the province. As per the Provincial Authorities, investment in foreign professionals would definitely help in the future. According to the Minister of Employment and Immigration for Alberta, Thomas Lukaszuk, it is not very hard to tell that soon the nation and other nations in the west would be facing skill shortages. At the same time, when the province has a program which would definitely work up, it is best to use this time when the growth is low to reflect on it and step back.

He also said that the first preference of the province would continue to be employment opportunities for people in Alberta and Canadians in general. However, it is to recognize the contributions made by the temporary foreign professionals in the province. They must be felt welcomed and including them in the local community would be just apt.

More so, such a support is a must for the province. The government has to be involved at all times to ensure that these temporary foreign workers are getting their due. The provincial authorities also said that apart from the financial commitment, an evaluation would also be done on the effect of these foreign migrants on the workforce in Alberta. This would also the local communities, its people and would look into the future prospects and options.

On the other hand, the time is apt for the province to look into what has been done well, take responsibility and see for those that needs to be improved. This is especially true in these changing economic trends in the province.

In spring 2011, the findings and recommendations from the review would be brought out. As of now, over 60,000 temporary foreign skilled migrants live and work in Alberta.

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