Duties of a Medical Radiation Technologist: Diagnostic Radiology Technology in Quebec!

The occupation of a medical radiation technologist in Quebec is something that international professionals aspire to pursue after immigrating to Canada. But, before you immigrate to the country and take up the occupation, it is important to have little knowledge about it. Let’s us discuss the main duties attached to the occupation of a medical radiation technologist:

  • A medical radiation technologist is responsible for operating various equipments used in radiographic/radiation therapy in order to carry out radiation treatment.
  • A medical radiation technologist/technician helps in carrying out various diagnosis and treatment of various illness and injury by taking images of the body parts.

The occupation of a medical radiation technologist is regulated in the Canadian province. In order to able to practice this profession, individuals are required to obtain the membership of the ‘Ordre des technologues en imagerie médicale et en radio-oncologie du Québec’

Quebec had about 4,500 professionals in the occupation in the year 2008. In the same year, 84 percent of medical radiation technologists were employed in full-time jobs. As per 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a medical radiation technologist was 49,000 Dollars. To learn more about Quebec labor market, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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