Guide for Newcomers: Getting a Job in Canada!

Getting a job in Canada at initial stages may be a tricky affair. One needs to understand that the starting pay may not be that good as one is expected to get in a country like Canada. But gradually things will start going in your favor.

First thing that all the newcomers need to keep in mind is that one should NOT get discouraged with your initial experience. In addition, don’t just pick up any other job and start doing it. Just take that job which adds on to your experience and let it add on to your expertise for the upcoming jobs.

Documents: When going for an interview, always keep the documents related with your education and work experience handy with you.  The CV should be crafted in such a way that it portrays your qualifications in an apt manner. Photocopies of such documents should be with you always. In addition to that, the employer may ask you to get English or French copies of these documents. So be prepared for that.

Language: Check before going in any organization, whether it’s a French dominating firm or an English one. For instance, your employer may ask you questions in the French language, hence the need of an INTERPRETER may come up here.

Job Finding Clubs: There are various job-finding clubs which will help you to get the right kind of job for yourself. Visit and for more info on this.

Volunteering: Some people work voluntarily without pay just to gain experience. This is an excellent way to make contacts also and get better job opportunities in the upcoming future. This way, people will get to know about your work and your willingness to contribute in the Canadian society.

Other Modes: Look for other mediums like Libraries, newspapers and online job portals to search a job matching with your skill level.

Mode of Payment: The employers may pay you on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The mode of payment may be in the form of cheque, cash or bank deposit. Plus some employers give your STUB with your pays, a document which mentions additional benefits and deductions from your salary.

Self Work: People who want to run their own business. Visit for more information on this.

All the best!

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