Duties of a Plumber: Plumbing & Heating in Quebec!

Looking forward to immigrate to Canada? If you are intending to take up such a move and pursue the occupation of a plumber there, then Quebec may be the better choice for settlement. But, before you immigrate to the province, it is important for immigrants to know about the labor market of Quebec and the occupation they are intending to take up. Here are a few duties attached to the occupation of a plumber in the Canadian province:

  • A plumber is required repairing leakage in pipes, as well as installing and maintaining various appliances.
  • A plumber is also responsible for maintaining different plumbing equipments utilized in various purposes.
  • A plumber works for residential settlements, as well as commercial establishments.

Plumbers in Quebec are employed by maintenance departments of factories, plants and other related establishments. They may be also self-employed or can work under plumbing contractors. The occupation is regulated in the province. In order to be able to practice plumbing in the construction industry in Quebec, individuals are required to competency certificate from the ‘Commission de la construction du Québec’. Otherwise, individuals are required to obtain a Certificate of qualification, issued by ‘Emploi-Québec’.

Quebec, in the year 2008, employed about 9,000 individuals in this occupation. About 93 percent of workers were employed in full-time jobs the same year. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a full-time plumber in Quebec was 47,000 Dollars.

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