Duties of a Sheet Metal Worker/Tinsmith: Precision Sheet Metal Work in Quebec!

The occupation of a sheet metal worker is in high demand in the Canadian province of Quebec. If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada and take up this occupation, Quebec would make the right choice for you. Before you land at Canadian soil, it will be handy for you to collect some information about the countries labor market, especially that of Quebec. Let’s have a look at the main duties entitled to sheet metal workers in Quebec:

  • A sheet metal worker/tinsmith is responsible for various operations, like;
      Fabrication of sheet metal products
      Assembling them
      Installing the products
      Repairing the products

Sheet metal workers/tinsmiths in Quebec are employed by sheet work contractors, sheet metal fabrication and transformation shops, as well as different industries. This occupation is regulated in the province.

Quebec, in the year 2008, had about 4,500 workers in this occupation. About 95 percent of the total workers the same year were employed in full-time jobs. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a full-time sheet metal worker/tinsmith was 44,000 Dollars.

To more about the Canadian labor market and about the occupation of sheet metal worker/tinsmith, contact an Immigration and Visa consultant!

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