Duties of an Industrial Butcher & Meat Cutter, Poultry Preparer: Butchery in Quebec!

If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada, especially Quebec and earn your livelihood as an industrial butcher/meat cutter or poultry preparer, then you are making the right move. Let’s have a look at the main duties attached to this set of occupations in Quebec:

  • Industrial butchers/meat cutters or poultry preparers are responsible for preparing meat stuff for processing, packaging and then marketing the stuff.

In Quebec, this group of occupations is not regulated. In the year 2008, the province employed about 5,000 individuals in these occupations. Out of the total, a good 93 percent industrial butchers/meet cutters and poultry preparers were engaged in full-time jobs. The 2005 stats say that the average yearly income of a full-time worker was 31,000 dollars.

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An immigration expert will always guide you with the right suggestions which could help you settle in the new land successfully in the long-term. So, seek professional help today and be a perfect example successful immigrant in Canada!

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