Duties of a Structural Metal & Platework Fabricator and Fitter

If you are intending to immigrate to the Canadian province of Quebec and earn your livelihood as a structural metal and platework fabricator/fitter, then let us tell you the occupation is in great demand in the Canadian province. But, before immigrating, it is always safer to have a little bit of knowledge regarding the occupation you wish to take up, as well as the labor market of the province. Below are a few duties attached to this occupation:

  • A structural metal and platework fabricator/fitter is responsible for a number of tasks involved in construction of various structures like bridges and buildings. The tasks include:
      • Fabrication of different metal components
      • Assembling the components
      Fitting and installing the components

This occupation is regulated in the province of Quebec. It is required to obtain a competency certificate from the ‘Commission de la construction du Quebec to practice this occupation.

Quebec had about 1,000 professionals engaged in structural metal and platework fabricator/fitter occupation in the year 2008. A good 96 percent of the professionals were employed in full-time jobs the same year. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a full-time structural metal and platework fabricator/fitter was 35,000 Dollars.

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