Duties of an Aircraft Assembler and Aircraft Assembly Inspector: Aircraft Mechanical Assembly in Quebec!

If you are intending to immigrate to Canada and take up the occupations of an aircraft assembler and aircraft assembly inspector, then you can consider the popular Canadian province, Quebec as your immigration destination. The province provides numerous opportunities for aspirants to pursue these occupations. But, before immigrating to the country, it is important for you to learn a few things about the labor market of Quebec. Now, let’s discuss a few duties attached to the occupations of an aircraft assembler and aircraft assembly inspector:

  • An aircraft assembler is responsible for accumulating pre-fabricated parts and then installing them in order to make fixed wing/rotary wing aircraft/aircraft subassemblies.
  • An aircraft assembly inspector is required to examine the aircraft assemblies in order to utilize them in various specifications pertaining to aircraft engineering.

The occupations of an aircraft assembler and an aircraft assembly inspector are not regulated in Quebec. Aircraft subassembly manufacturers employ aircraft assembler and aircraft assembly inspectors. And Quebec has a number of aircraft manufacturers, which is why many international aspirants are found to be immigrating to the province in order to pursue these occupations. Individuals are required to obtain an ‘AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) license (Category E – Avionics)’ in order to practice in certain professions.

Quebec had about 6,000 professionals engaged in the occupations of aircraft assembler and aircraft assembly inspector in the year 2008. The same year about 98 percent of the professionals were full-time employees. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a full time employee belonging to this occupational group was 57,000 Dollars.

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