Education in Canada: Guide for Newcomers!

As a newcomer, you must know various facets linked education your children (or rather you) in this new country where you have landed now – Canada!

September is the time when classes usually start in Canada and commence in the month of June. Vacations are there in the month of December and February/March. Schooling days are Monday to Friday and normally the classes happen for six hours in one day.

There are Public schools, Catholic schools and Private schools as well. But private schools charge more fees as compared to the earlier ones. But if you pay taxes, you will get ample support to nourish your children.

How to find best schools: Taking assistance from sources like Yellow pages and Internet are the best way to know about best schools in your locality. Additionally, it is advised to consult your neighbors and do thorough researches as to which are the best schools in and around your area. School buses or public transportation can be taken in case the school is far.

It is mandatory to carry essential documentation like their identity proofs, PR Card, health records, date of birth certificate and other such papers with your while enrolling your kids.
You can take Student loans to cover the cost of education. If you want to have knowledge on continuing education, it is advised to take guidance from the relevant board or school from where you are intending to do so. There are various associations in your locality from where you can take information.

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