Duties of Machinists and Machining & Tooling Inspectors: Machining Techniques in Quebec!

The occupations of machinists and machining & tooling inspectors are highly appreciated and in high demand in the Canadian province of Quebec. If you are intending to immigrate to Canada and pursue a career in machining techniques, then you can consider these occupations and expect a prosperous life in the Canadian land. There are many conditions and duties attached to these occupations, which you must know before you immigrate actually and ready for taking them up. Below are a few duties of a machinist and a machining &tooling inspector:

  • A machinist is responsible for setting up and operating a variety of machine tools to accomplish tasks like cutting metal, as well as other materials to manufacture various products.
  • A machining and tooling inspector is responsible for maintaining quality standards of the machined parts.

These occupations are not regulated in Quebec. In the year 2008, the province employed about 17,000 professionals in this occupational group, out of which 94 percent of professionals were men. The same year a good 95 percent workers were employed in full-time jobs. The average yearly income of a full-time machinist/machining and tooling inspector was 42,000 Dollars, as per the 2005 stats.

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