Services to Help Newcomers in Canada!

This piece of information deals with all the vital information you need as a new comer in Canada. Here is the list of websites:

  • : This is the official website of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It provides a generalized info on various Immigration and citizenship programs, application status and more. Call 1 888 242 2100 for more info on the same.
  • As a newcomer, you may be filled with thousands of queries on how to settle in Canada. Hence, to assist the newcomers, there are various organizations working in this direction. They provide assistance of all sorts, be it settling down, accommodation learning official Canadian language or any other facet.
  • Government services: is the website where you will get all the information linked with getting information on a federal government program or service. You can also call at 1 800 622 6232 for having information on federal, provincial, and municipal or regional government departments.
  • Look for various settlement services in Canada. Ask your neighbors for more info on the same. They must be better acquainted with all such facets as compared to any other information source. Internet is another place where you will get all the info. The Federal government’s Settlement Program is designed to assist the immediate settlement needs. In addition, you would be given info on various matters like banking, education, managing household and other such facets, to name a few.
  • Learning language: LINC is a federal government program that’s helps newcomers learn Canada’s official language and enhance their skills in the same.

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