East Timor Centre is Not Permanent!

East Timor’s President Jose Ramos Horta after having a discussion with Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, stated that some stringent conditions would be implemented on any collaboration or accord on a processing centre being crafted in East Timor. The president has already said that the centre in East Timor is just temporary!

Now this decision has certainly created huge blows on Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s intentions to go for a regional refugee processing hub.

In addition to this discussion with the Prime Minister, the president has put a price tag on building such an establishment of at least $60 million, an amount that is meant for the initial year alone.

On one hand, the president said that he has all the support for the Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s future vision, he went on to say that Dili would only look into the matter as making it as a temporary solution to the hassle created courtesy asylum seekers in the region.

He went on to say that asylum seekers in the region need to be processed at regular interval and it should be ensured that they are kept in the faculty for not more than three years. You can’t keep them waiting for years and years like they do in other countries.

Dr Ramos Horta would hold a meeting with Mr. Bowen and address these issues in order to find out a common way. Latter would also visit Indonesia and Malaysia to discuss on this issue.

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