Australia’s Christmas Island Flooding with Asylum Seekers!

The Detention Center in Australia is in news again. The premise is flooding with more and more asylum seekers every single moment with more and more boats coming to the centre.

The detention center at Australia’s Christmas Island is at present flocking in at its record capacity and the centre exceeded its limits when four boats continuously arrived at its shores one after another, making the figure cross its limits.

If reports are to be believed, the centre is exceeding 200 detainees at present. Earlier, there were two thousand and five hundred people present in the premise but with four immediate boats coming, the current figure rose to two thousand and seven hundred, exceeding 200 above its record.

Such is the case that additional tents have been set up just to accommodate three hundred and fifty detainees.

Gordon Thomson, who is the Island’s Shire President, stated that the decision to take out the stoppage on new Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum claims would prove to be of some help and would let to decrease the pressure which has been built up to some extent. He went on to say that it was a mistake to go for the suspension.

The staff has dealt all with the backlog which was created till now. Now more and more people are coming in.

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