Hungary Making Immigration Rules Strict!

Hungary is making its immigration rules stricter and stricter, confirmed daily Nepszabadsag. The main motto behind making amendments in the rules is to avert overseas applicants from gaming the EU system.

If non-EU people are found making use of sham marriages or making adoptions for the purpose of getting residency permit, they would be ordered to leave the nation in a forceful manner, should this law comes into effect.

In addition to this change, students who are intending to study in various Hungarian educational institutions and get free travel within the EU would have to go through strict admission procedures. Some of these rules may include proving their proficiency in the language skills to commence their education further.

Also, it will become mandatory for the Universities to acquaint the authorities about the information of new enrollments within eight days and if they go on to break any rules; the same has to be acquainted to the authorities.

As far as employment is concerned, employers would be given punishment if the authorities get to know that their employees are working even after the work permit has expired.

If overseas applicants are found violating the Hungarian laws, they would be barred from entering the EU nations.

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