EU in Favor of Indian Workers!

In accordance with the European Union trade deal thousands of Indian workers would be granted the freedom to work in Britain. The outcome would certainly challenge the Coalition’s pledge to curb the amount of immigrants coming from all over the world.

The agreement termed as “free trade agreement” would come into effect in the month of December. According to this collaboration, Indian IT workers including some classes would be able to get easy entry in Europe. As a result of which, India’s domestic market will be accessed by the European nations as a part of this deal.

There are various people who are against this deal too. These are those people who are eagerly waiting to curb down the net immigration rate in the UK. Even Prime Minster David Cameron is opposing this deal along with other conservatives who have taken the pledge to slow down the number of immigrants coming in UK.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary said that we must look forward to curb down the net immigration. But that does not mean we will restrict the number of immigrants totally. Rather, the economy of Britain would be open to the bets people in the world who are bright in their own fields. But this is high time that the country stops taking workers on the cheap!

All in all, if things get finalized; it would be something good to hear for the Indian workers who are intending to work in Britain!

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