Educational Qualifications for Canada Federal Skilled Program

As announced by Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) will be effective from 4th May of next year. Under this new program Canadian government will be selecting the skilled immigrants according to country’s economy needs. Selected applicants are expected to succeed and utilize their skills in Canada.

New and improved Federal Skilled Workers Program has been prepared after intense research. This research showed that language proficiency and age plays an important role in making immigrant economically successful in Canada. Other factors like education and work experience also definitely play important role and therefore work experience has its own minimum cut off value.

Canada Federal Skilled Educational and professional qualifications can make you score a total of forty points. Education can make you score maximum twenty five points and your work experience can make you earn fifteen points. It is important to score a minimum of nine points to qualify for this visa program. Work experience of past ten years is considered while awarding points. One year of full time employment or employment with equivalent pay is a must requirement. If you don’t have work experience then you need to have a PhD degree from a recognized Canadian university or in the third year of your PhD in a Canadian university.

Newer Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Visa puts more emphasis on younger immigrants as they are more likely to adapt according to the country’s environment. They will have more number of years to spend in Canada.  Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is used to evaluate the educational qualification of application. Adaptability is another factor which can help an immigration applicant to score more points. Spousal language proficiency and work experience in Canada can prove applicants adaptability skills.

With peak importance of language proficiency, it is important for applicants to qualify till level seven.

Number of applications under this category will be limited. Thus number of applicants will also be limited. So be prepared to fill and submit documents as soon as possible. You may hire an expert immigration consultant in order to avoid mistakes. The consultant is well aware of all the rules and policies. They can help you to score better points. If you think you are on the verge for qualifying then these consultants can help you with your scores and they can help you to cross the minimum qualifying score requirement. One should seek guidance of an experienced consultant only.

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