Benefits of Immigration to Australia under Skillselect Program

There are several people who want to go and live in Australia but living in Australia needs a livelihood. Therefore, people prefer to work and live in this beautiful country.  The country fulfils this requirement by offering jobs at various levels and categories. These jobs are not only for Australian citizens, they are for immigrants as well.

Australian immigration and citizenship department has a specialized program for those who want to live and work there. This scheme is known as Australian Skillselect Program. It has several subcategories.

  • (Permanent)Independent -Subclass 189 Skilled
  • (Permanent)Nominated -Subclass 190 Skilled
  • (Provisional)Regional Nominated or Sponsored -Subclass 489 Skilled
  • (Permanent)Business Talent -Subclass 132
  • (Provisional)Investment -Subclass 188 Business Innovation
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)-Subclass 186
  • Regional Sponsored Scheme (RSMS) – Subclass 187
  • Temporary Business (Long Stay) –Subclass 457

Skillselect program is beneficial for all. By all I mean all those who are willing to live and work in the country either on temporary or on permanent basis, who are willing to start a new business or invest in already existing business, employers who are looking for a set of skills and skilled employees and Australian economy.

Under this program applicant has to submit an EOI i.e. expression of interest which express that in case of any opening or opportunity in particular category he/ she would like to work and live in Australia. It is a point based system. One has to mention his/ her qualifications and professional experience in the EOI. On the basis of these details, applicant will receive certain points which will decide if the person is eligible for further processing or not.

If one scores equal to more than threshold minimum points then the person might receive invitation to submit immigration application. There is time limit between the invitation and submission of immigration application. Immigration application should submit the form within that particular duration. At times employers and state/ territory government also offers a job to the employees. Last three categories mentioned in the list is for such applicants who gets an offer or who gets sponsored by either employer or state or territorial government.

This immigration program helps Australia to select most suitable skilled employees who can boost its economy. These were some of the Benefits of Immigration to Australia under Skillselect Program. Different category offers different kind of benefits. Some of them allow immigrant to stay permanently, some work as a gateway to Australian citizenship which means the immigrant can avail all the benefits that can be enjoyed by Australian citizens only.

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