Canada Federal Skilled Language Necessity

You must have heard: “Communication is the key to success”. Well, what is the key to communication? No points for guessing the answer. It is language definitely. Right now this question must be sounding stupid but read on to find the reason behind it.

If two people understand the same language then it is easier for them to communicate but what if they don’t know similar language? Then obviously the mode of expression i.e. language will not be same and they will face difficulty. With difficulty in communication and understanding it is not possible to work together and succeed effectively. And this is the reason why countries like Australia and Canada has given language proficiency special importance in their work visas.

Usually Skilled worker immigration programs are points based and there are several factors which decide visa approval. One of such factors is Language proficiency. Importance of language proficiency can be easily felt by Canada Federal Skilled Language Requirement 28 points.

Knowledge of English or French language can make you a step ahead then other applicants for Canada Federal Skilled Visa Program. The point distribution for language is divided into two categories. First language or primary language; is the language with better command. If you think that your English is better than your French then you should select English as your first language and French as your second language. If you are better at French then select it as your primary language and then English will be your secondary choice.

First language can make you earn up to 25 points. While second language can make you earn up to 4 points, total 29 points. 29 is the maximum points that can be scored via single parameter i.e. language. Rest of the parameters will also help to score minimum cut off but there weightage is comparatively less.

Other factors that will impact your score are education, work experience, adaptability, age, etc. After language proficiency, education is the most important selection factor. Your education can be awarded with max 25 points. Then work experience followed by age. Minimum scores needed to qualify for Canadian Federal Skilled Visa is 67.

You still have almost four months to brush up your language skills because Canadian immigration and Citizenship department will start accepting applications from first week of May 2013. If you need any suggestions or help you can hire a good experienced immigration consultant.

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