About Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Waiting period is over now. Canadian citizenship and immigration department has declared that they will begin accepting Canada Federal Skilled worker immigration 2013 applications from 4th May 2013. Well, now when we know that we will be able to apply under this category, don’t you think we should do some homework.

Don’t worry! I am not asking you to actually do something. All I am saying is that you should be prepared in advance because there are many applicants who were waiting for this announcement and they you will be competing with them. To begin with the preparation let me inform you about the eligibility criteria for Canadian Federal Skilled worker immigration 2013 program.

Eligibility criteria for Canadian Federal Skilled Visa Program include: –

  • Full time or equivalent paid work experience of at least one year within last ten years.


  • Permanent job offer from a Canadian employer. For that applicant needs to qualify for arranged employment with a labour market opinion.


  • Have completed at least two years of PhD from a recognized institute in Canada.
  • In all the cases applicant must pass language ability for either English or French.

Along with that, scoring minimum threshold points based of selection factors set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) immigration is a must requirement. Minimum score is 67 points.

Parameters that can make you score 67 points are as follows:-

  • Your education can make you score maximum 25 points.
  • Proficiency in English or French can be really helpful. One can select one of them as primary language and other as secondary language. 24 points can be earned via primary language and 4 points via secondary language which makes it a total of 28 points.
  • Work experience: Depending on your work experience within last ten years you can score up to 15 points. A minimum of 9 point is a must in this category.
  • Your age can make you earn up to 12 points.
  • If you qualify for arranged employment then you may get up to 10 points.
  • Maximum 10 points can be awarded on the basis of adaptability.

Now you know the areas you need to work upon before applying for this particular kind of Canadian visa. You still have five months to work on your weaker areas and enhance your skills. If you feel that you need further help and guidance then you may freely contact a good and experienced Immigration consultant.

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